AlunaGeorge – ‘You Know You Like It’ EP

AlunaGeorge - 'You Know You Like It' EP


A red hot record which lives up to the hype

“[i]Some people want me to be heads or tails/I say no way[/i]”. So opens the infectiously hip-gyrating ‘You Know You Like It’, a fine example of Aluna Francis’ saccharine vocals and the excellently warped technical stylings of producer George Reid. They’re everywhere. They’re on the overtly pop-sounding ‘Just A Touch’, which packs big sounds alongside infectious vocals and teeters into cheese. And on ‘Put Up Your Hands,’ which muses about romantic submission: “[i]Baby you lost the fight/Just put up your hands[/i]”. Its lo-fi pauses and claps make it the closest to melancholic that the album gets. It’s sensual. The first glitchy music released this year that you could happily have sex to.

[i]Kieran Yates[/i]


Director: George Reid
Record label: Tri Angle
Release date: 11 Jun, 2012