When you’re Sigur Rós’ string section, the day will come when you’ve just got to bust loose and style your own flow. So it is with Amiina, four rosy-cheeked young ladies whose work embellishing the dreamscapes of Iceland’s most critically gushed-over group has finally awarded them a profile of their own. Made over months of self-enforced isolation, ‘Kurr’ is exactly as otherworldly as you’d expect: eerily pretty, lost in its own doe-eyed innocence and compiled with a brainiac musical intelligence. It’s a stately drift through neo-classical chamber-pop, all choral harmonies, odd time signatures, harps, harps and more harps, destined to cause quiet riots in Borders this summer. In short, it’s as Icelandic as whale pie – elevator music, sure, but heaven’s own elevators.

Gavin Haynes