Album Review: Amy Macdonald – ‘A Curious Thing’ (Mercury)

Album Review: Amy Macdonald - 'A Curious Thing' (Mercury)


A more predictable thing that you'd imagine

Leaving aside efforts from bagpipe ensembles and suchlike, the second album by Glaswegian pop hen [b]Amy Macdonald[/b] will be the most Scottish record released this year. Not in a misty-eyed thistle-brandishing way – rather in the sense that [b]‘A Curious Thing’[/b]’s folkish Ford Mondeo pop upholds the nation’s legacy of pleasantly anthemic drivetime belters. [b]Deacon Blue[/b], [b]Eddi Reader[/b], [b]Sharleen Spiteri[/b]: your boys took a hell of a, um, tribute-paying tonight, with rogue Englishman [a]Paul Weller[/a] on guitar. It’s best at its most retro (the jittery [b]Buddy Holly[/b] moves of [b]‘Love Love’[/b]) and will no doubt ably soundtrack the next Hogmanay in the Glasgow rain. It’s probably not coincidence that it’s been released in time for Mother’s Day, either.

[b]Noel Gardner[/b]