Album Review: Anathallo – ‘Canopy Glow’

Album Review: Anathallo - 'Canopy Glow'


Shhhh - when you can hear them, they're rather good

For a band with seven permanent members and a cast of cameo players that’s almost as long, Anathallo sure are quiet. Of course, one of the drawbacks of being a many-membered art-pop ensemble is finding something for everyone to do; this usually results in band members playing human ribcages with plastic mallets or something. In the Michigan septet’s case, everyone’s just sort of in the background, going “Ooooooh” atmospherically. That being the case, ‘Canopy Glow’ can pass you by on first listen, but persevere and memorable moments do emerge, such as ‘The River’ or the eerie song-and-dance routine of ‘Italo’. A mixed bag, certainly, but there’s beauty there if you rummage about.

Barry Nicolson

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