Album review: Andrew Morgan – ‘Please Kid, Remember’

Album review: Andrew Morgan - 'Please Kid, Remember'


Pleasant, dad-friendly US indie

Last year UK indie imprint Broken Horse were responsible for Plush’s brilliant ‘Fed’; ‘Please Kid, Remember’ – the second album from Kansas-based Andrew Morgan, and the product of a tortuous six-year creation – suggests it’s a style they’re keen to pimp out. Our subject isn’t quite as good as Plush, but that’s hardly a condemnation. Riddled with harpsichord, twinkly synths and mini-orchestral flourishes, Morgan’s vision comes from [a]The Flaming Lips[/a]’ more dad-friendly moments, or [a]Elliott Smith[/a] when he indulged his ’60s idealism. Impressively efficient to boot, with 17 tracks lasting just 34 minutes, ‘Please…’ is likeable but not loveable – perhaps due to it lacking the eccentricism of some of its precedents.

[b]Noel Gardner[/b]

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