Album Review: ANR – ‘Stay Kids’

Album Review: ANR - 'Stay Kids'


Pop that's as superficial and futile as a Miami Beach tan

There’s been a whole load of critical kerfuffle around the debut proper by this Miami Beach two-piece, but we’ll have to put that down to a pressing need to fill blog space.

In truth there’s nothing that jumps out of this pleasant but inconsequential mix of [a]MGMT[/a]/Phoenix-esque synthery and [a]Empire Of The Sun[/a]/[a]Gypsy & The Cat[/a]-style ’70s studio-pop, which twinkles past in a forgettable haze of nice chorused vocals and cosmic vibes, with the odd curious Princey/Of Montrealish touch.

Somewhere, a remix of one of these songs is reaching a respectable position on an aggregator site, and being shoved hurriedly into a few hundred instantly forgotten playlists. Success, lads!

Duncan Gillespie

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