Album Review: Apparat Organ Quartet – ‘Polyfonia’

Album Review: Apparat Organ Quartet - 'Polyfonia'


Icy and brilliantly foreboding future-rock

[b]Jóhann Jóhannsson[/b] enjoys a time traveller’s life. He released an album earlier this year on which he paid moving tribute to Durham’s now-diminished mining community with the help of a local brass band and some old Victorian hymns. Then he beamed himself through time and space to record these nine brutalist cosmic rock tracks on a bunch of phasing analogue synths and other steely sounding machinery with three fellow keyboard fanatics (and a drummer). The result is a clean, efficient, piston-pumping, Teutonic sound of robots doing serious damage to bands with beards and banjos – icy and brilliantly foreboding future-rock.

[i]Chris Parkin[/i]


Record label: Crunchy Frog
Release date: 14 Nov, 2011