Album review: Applicants – ‘Escape From Kraken Castle’ (Tigertrap)

Album review: Applicants - 'Escape From Kraken Castle' (Tigertrap)


Bratty fun that's much better than it should be

By all logic [a]Applicants[/a] should be so deeply irritating they’d make sitting in a room with Johnny Borrell while listening to Johnny Borrell records and talking about Johnny Borrell sound like a pleasurable pursuit. They sing songs about Tesco, lace their ridiculous lyricisms and schizo pop-punk intermittently with things that sound like the [i]Pac-Man[/a] ‘game over’ music and a choir of angry trolls, and have tracks entitled ‘Since Porn Took Over the World’ and ‘Obey eBay’. It should be embarassing. We should hate it. But we can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, they might just be total bona fide geniuses.

[b]Lisa Wright[/b]

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