Album Review: Arnaud Rebotini – ‘Someone Gave Me Religion’

Album Review: Arnaud Rebotini - 'Someone Gave Me Religion'


Robotini's style lives on in good fashion on his nostalgic new release

It seems like some law of cosmic balance that, as chillwave spreads like a virus in deck shoes, a sterner ’80s dance sound again rears its head. It would be remiss to accuse [a]Arnaud Rebotini[/a] of bandwagon-riding – co-founder of Black Strobe, he’s been shifting black-clad dancefloors since 1997.

But in reaching for a vintage arsenal of synths and drum machines, this solo LP cultivates a strangely nostalgic vibe. The sprawling, cosmic [b]‘The First Thirteen Minutes Of Love’[/b] is a ponderous opener, but elsewhere, techno stomps like [b]‘Another Dictator’[/b] are stark fusions of the brutal and the sensual.

Louis Pattison

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