Album Review: Art Brut – ‘Brilliant! Tragic!’

Album Review: Art Brut - 'Brilliant! Tragic!'


When you're Art Brut, your eccentricity shouldn't be controlled

Once, in a rather brilliant interview, Eddie Argos was questioned as to why he spoke on his records instead of sung and, confused, he replied that he thought he’d been singing all along. Therein lies the charm of [a]Art Brut[/a]: their eccentricities are genius because they don’t even realise what it is that they’re doing.

On [b]‘Brilliant! Tragic!’[/b] all the usual themes crop up – loving Axl Rose, feeling sexy, the Republic of Sealand – but there’s something strangely self-conscious about it all, like the way that Argos is trying to drum up, Big Brother-style, ever-stranger ideas, but without quite believing in them. We still love them, for all their eccentric faults – but it seems that maybe they’ve begun to realise it too.

Lisa Wright

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