Album Review: Ash – A-Z Vol 2 (Atomic Heart)

Album Review: Ash - A-Z Vol 2 (Atomic Heart)


Ash prove that, 18 years into their career, they still sound fresh and relevent

[a]Ash[/a] long ago fell prey to the curse of being consistently good, and therefore boring. Cunningly, they reinvented themselves as masters of the no-concept concept. No more albums (just handily packaged 13-track collections)! An A-Z single series (where the track titles don’t start with the right letters!). Anyway, such gimmickry aside, it’s refreshing to hear a band 18 years into their careers still sounding as hungry for the prize as they do on the rolling, polished ‘[b]Dare To Dream[/b]’ and the emo-tinged MCRish power pop of ‘[b]Insects[/b]’. If some moments, like ‘[b]Physical World[/b]’, are comfortably inessential, it’s good to have them still around.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]

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