Album Review: Ashley Walters


Ashley Walters

Facts about this album:

Ashley Walters used to go by the stage name Asher D

He attended Sylvia Young theatre school, alma mater of Amy Winehouse

Ashley once appeared in Grange Hill

Album review:

While Harvey was busying himself with extramarital affairs and Lisa Maffia was running around like a headless chicken on reality TV show The Games, Asher D was keeping the So Solid Crew dream alive playing the gangster, quite literally. And although being sentenced for carrying a firearm isn’t cool, kids, acting like

a thug in the film Bullet Boy kinda is. The former Sylvia Young alumnis’ latest solo offering is a mixed bag of soulfully gritty D’Angelo-influenced vocals (‘With You’, featuring Mutya Buena) and Busta Rhymes-esque rants, as on ‘A Different World’, where young Ashley claims “I’m a pioneer/Fly like Ryanair”. Still, name-checking Martine McCutcheon and Love Actually on ‘Stress Filled Days’

is questionable…

Ash Dosanjh