Album Review: Atlas Sound – ‘Parallax’

Album Review: Atlas Sound - 'Parallax'


Lyrically he remains sublime

[b]Bradford Cox[/b] decelerates sonically here, but lyrically he remains sublime. ‘[b]Parallax[/b]’ appears to deal with the continuing conflict of a Christian upbringing with more sacrilegious life experiences. Opener ‘[b]The Shakes[/b]’ battles with the artist’s increasing fame while ‘[b]Praying Man[/b]’ cautiously states faith in something higher. Contrastingly, however, ‘[b]My Angel Is Broken[/b]’ sees Cox revert, a tumbling paradox that seems to question his own convictions. Each LP since [a]Deerhunter[/a]’s debut – both individual and collective – has retreated further from that record’s naked aggression, and this is another step towards Bradford finding self-contentment.

[i]Simon Jay Catling[/i]


Director: Bradford Cox, Nicholas Vernhes
Record label: 4AD
Release date: 07 Nov, 2011