Austra – ‘Habitat’ EP

Austra - 'Habitat' EP


Katie Stelmanis continues her streak of dark, danceable releases

In July 1518, the French city of Strasbourg was blighted by the Dancing Plague: a limb-jerking mania where some unexplained compulsion compelled hundreds of people to cut shapes without rest or respite for days on end until many died of exhaustion. Austra’s music has always felt like it comes from the same place, too – a dark dancefloor mania of hot-blooded movement and dark sentiment – and new EP ‘Habitat’ is no different, from the dance macabre gloom of the title track, with its brooding synths and Katie Stelmanis’ crooning, “I want you, I need you” as if gripped by religious fever, to the strange, itchy glitches of ‘Dopefer’ and the twisted beats and creepy whispers of ‘Hulluu’. Dance, dance, dance until the end is nigh.

Ben Hewitt


Record label: Domino
Release date: 16 Jun, 2014