Album Review: Autechre – ‘Oversteps’ (Warp)

Album Review: Autechre - 'Oversteps' (Warp)


An imaginative offering from these pioneers of electronica

[b]Rob Brown[/b], one half of duo [b]Autechre[/b], was an architect by training, which perhaps goes some way in explaining the highly stylised, hyper-structural awareness that underpins their electronica. In their 19 years of activity, they’ve swung from epochal experimentalism to the ear-splittingly unlistenable. So it is that [b]‘Oversteps’[/b] has its erratic, car-spinning-out-of-control moments but is nonetheless an enticing ‘Welcome’ billboard for their sometimes harrowing, often hopeful City Of Sound. True, Warp & Aphex’s age of electro may have passed, and some tricks here that were once jarring now seem familiar, but their prickly oeuvre of tantalising possibility still feeds the imagination.

[b]Alex Hoban[/b]

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