Album review: Autolux – ‘Transit Transit’ (ATP)


It's been six years, but they've spent them well

Six years might seem a ridiculous gap for [a]Autolux[/a] to leave between albums but you can certainly hear where all the time went. The LA trio have branched out from the stoner-[a]Sonic Youth[/a] feel of their excellent debut ‘[b]Future Perfect[/b]’ to encapsulate ghostly piano ballads (‘[b]Spots[/b]’), twisted ambient lullabies (‘[b]The Science Of Imaginary Solutions[/b]’) and in the shape of the fantastic ‘[b]Highchair[/b]’, a slice of slow-groove hip-hop that sounds like [a]Timbaland[/a] going electro. This expansion of sound is also put together with the kind of meticulousness that makes ‘[b]Transit Transit[/b]’ doubly compelling. Make the most of it, because we could all be dead by the time Autolux follow it up.

[b]Hardeep Phull[/b]