Album Review: Avey Tare – Down There (Paw Tracks)

Album Review: Avey Tare - Down There (Paw Tracks)

The Animal Collective solo album is no revelation, but it’s played out beautifully

Curious beast, the [a]Animal Collective[/a] solo album. On one hand, you’ve got a fine specimen like [a]Panda Bear[/a]’s 2007 effort [b]‘Person Pitch’[/b], which splashed through sunny lagoons a stone’s throw from land the Collective would later explore more thoroughly with 2009’s massively acclaimed career highpoint [b]‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’[/b]. Then on the other, you’ve got something like [b]‘Pullhair Rubeye’[/b], an album [b]Dave ‘Avey Tare’ Portner[/b] recorded with his wife [b]Kría Brekkan[/b], then released playing backwards (the polite term being ‘inessential’).

Happily, Portner’s newie, [b]‘Down There’[/b], is far easier to recommend. The adorable [b]‘Heads Hammock’[/b] fuses IDM bleeps to tumbling self-looped vocal harmonies and carnival drums, while elsewhere, echo and reverb is slathered on with a hall-of-mirrors effect, guitars and keys melting and bending like warm candle wax. To be completely honest, it’s no revelation – at times the music feels incomplete, like a lonesome Portner is missing his bros – but it’s played out beautifully, sunny in disposition and just a little wild around the edge.

[b]Louis Pattison[/b]

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