Album review: Awesome Color – ‘Massa Hypnos’ (Ecstatic Peace)

Album review: Awesome Color - 'Massa Hypnos' (Ecstatic Peace)


Raw Detroit rockers developing a cult following

A solar system away from household-name status, but spoken of through beaming smiles by those who’ve seen them sweat it up live, Detroit trio Awesome Color owe much of their exposure to [a]Sonic Youth[/a]’s Thurston Moore, whose label issues their third album here. Only one song, the rangy [b]‘Flying’[/b], suggests that the boss exerts much musical influence over his charges. In the main, [b]‘Massa Hypnos’[/b] is heroically fuzzy hard rawk that sounds like the whole band plugged their gear into one socket, and which takes fellow Motor Citymen [a]The Stooges[/a] as base inspiration, descends into the basement… then keeps going.

[b]Noel Gardner[/b]