Axewound – ‘Vultures’

Axewound - 'Vultures'


Fun for the guys involved, but not so much for those listening

First things first: it’s clear that everyone involved in this Bullet For My Valentine-meets-Cancer Bats-meets-assorted other metal also-rans supergroup is clearly having the time of their lives. Absolutely everything about the venture, including the frankly godawful name, smacks of boys in a sweaty room together having lots and lots of fun. Admittedly, this is kind of charming for about half the record, including the super-catchy ‘Cold’ and the battering ‘Exorchrist’, but it quickly loses its appeal and gives way to the feeling that this is a just reasonable thrash metal record. It’s a nice distraction for the guys involved, but there’s no need for any longevity here.

Tom Goodwyn