Album Review: Baby Dee – ‘Baby Dee Goes Down To Amsterdam’

Album Review: Baby Dee - 'Baby Dee Goes Down To Amsterdam'


Bringing cheer to the sleaziest of backstreets

“[i]Aren’t you nice to be clapping when I haven’t even done anything?[/i]” trills Dee at the start of this recording from an Amsterdam jazz club. In truth, she’s done plenty this last 10 years, carving a cultish niche, turning her hand to everything from fraught balladry to cabaret frippery. Here, she rips through a catalogue stuffed with velvety finery (‘[b]The Robin’s Tiny Throat[/b]’) and camp melodrama (‘[b]Big Titty Bee Girl From Dino Town[/b]’) like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Capping proceedings with an ode to incontinence (‘[b]The Song Of Self-Acceptance[/b]’) could verge on whimsy, but Dee could bring cheer to the sleaziest of backstreets.

[i]Ben Hewitt[/i]


Director: Baby Dee
Record label: Tin Angel
Release date: 04 Nov, 2011