Album review: Bachelorette

Album review: Bachelorette


My Electric Family

If Holly, the disembodied hologram that manned Red Dwarf, ever decided to make a synth-folk album, the results wouldn’t sound unlike New Zealand’s Bachelorette. Think Enya let loose in Brian Eno’s store-cupboard and transported 300 years into the future. Interesting. So swathed in electronic trickery, space-age swoops and super-produced vocals is ‘My Electric Family’, though, that it ends up a little soulless; individually

the tracks have a removed piquancy, but an hour’s solid exposure leaves you yearning for a crackle, some fuzz, or any human intervention. So, while the album is peppered with moments of wistful majesty, Bachelorette could do with keeping her ‘family’ a little further at bay.

Lisa Wright

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