Album Review: Bad Meets Evil – ‘Hell: The Sequel’

Album Review: Bad Meets Evil - 'Hell: The Sequel'

Two rap legends don't necessarily equal a rap success

[b]Royce Da 5’9”[/b] and [a]Eminem[/a] are rap beasts. Now that the pair have kissed and made up after a decade-long spat, expectations have been running high; the last time they graced a record together was on the absolute monster that was [b]‘The Slim Shady LP’[/b]. Sadly, this nine-track collection is all just a bit “meh”.

There are flashes of wordy excellence on tracks like [b]‘Above The Law’[/b] and opener [b]‘Welcome 2 Hell’[/b], as well as some slick production courtesy of the likes of [b]Mr Porter[/b] and [b]Mobb Deep[/b]. It’s definitely still worth a listen but, at best, this is just a warm-up for their hopefully much more exciting respective solo projects.

Jo Fuertes-Knight

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