Album Review: Badly Drawn Boy – It’s What I’m Thinking Pt 1 (Photographing Snowflakes)


Damon Gough transcends his Mercury-infused roots with a clever, well-thought album that sits as his best yet

It’s been a decade since [b]Damon Gough[/b] won the Mercury Music Prize and nobody knows better what a blessing and a curse that can be. Guilty of knocking underdeveloped material out one minute and trying to be too clever the next, ‘[b]It’s What I’m Thinking…[/b]’ is surely the most focused and mature record of his career. Pretty songs, sporadic strings, with his voice swimming in echo, it’s a lovely autumnal feel. Being a hirsute scruff no longer cuts it with [b]Susan Boyle[/b] on the scene and Damon knows it. [a]Badly Drawn Boy[/a]’s fallow years look to be behind him.

[b]Jeremy Allen[/b]

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