Album Review: Balkans – ‘Balkans’

Album Review: Balkans - 'Balkans'


A debut that's already passed it's time

An eastern European-styled name, herky-jerky and – sigh, open up the vocabulary vaults – angular guitar lines, shreddy, second-album Strokes-ish guitar… WHAT YEAR IS THIS? WHO’S THE PRESIDENT? The passing whims of fashion shouldn’t stand in the way of a good tune, though, and [a]Balkans[/a] have the likes of the jittering, antsy [b]‘Edita V’[/b] and [b]‘Dressed In Black’[/b].

If this debut had come out five years ago, they’d probably have been carried aloft through the streets, such is the subtle, well-structured blend of post-punk and psychy, garagey touches (they are stage-mates of [a]Black Lips[/a] and King Khan, after all) , but sadly it just all comes off a bit heard-it-all-before.

Duncan Gillespie