Album Review: Banjo Or Freakout – Banjo Or Freakout (Memphis Industries)


Artisan of distortion, depth and rhythmic elegance

When Alessio Natalizia (aka BOF) started making music, [a]James Blake[/a] was probably still worrying about A-levels. To most people, dubstep wasn’t a word, let alone a phenomenon.

Natalizia dodged the hype by going to ground, working on a side-project (Walls) and not rushing into a debut. The wait paid off: complex and textured but never self-consciously studied, ‘[a]Banjo Or Freakout[/a]’ effortlessly mates electronic distortions, low-end theory and achingly gorgeous pop melody – with emphasis very much on the latter.

If there were just three more tracks as beguiling as [b]‘105’[/b] and [b]‘Idiot Rain’[/b], it’d be a stonewall classic.

Rob Webb


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