Banks – ‘Goddess’

Banks - 'Goddess'


Brooding and gloomy, the 25-year-old singer sticks to her formula with mixed results

“What if I never even see you ‘cos we’re both on a stage”, sings 25-year-old LA singer Jillian Banks on ‘Waiting Game’, setting the mood for this brooding debut. Here, and on the undeniably powerful ‘Brain’, her gloomy take on R&B works deliciously well. ‘Beggin For Thread’, meanwhile, is slightly brighter while maintaining Banks’ grace and poise. For all its high points though, ‘Goddess’ is formulaic and by the time the album enters its final throes, things are starting to drag. ‘Fuck Em Only We Know’ hints at an attitude-ridden punch and yet falls flat, while the sparse ‘Stick’ places too much emphasis on Banks’ saccharine vocals. Her debut LP is good, but not up to the standard its title suggests.


Record label: Good Years/Harvest
Release date: 08 Sep, 2014