Album Review: Baths – ‘Pop Music/False B-Sides’

Album Review: Baths - 'Pop Music/False B-Sides'


A ragtag collection of bits and bobs

The problem with chillwave is it needs a good fucking scare. It’s the kind of music that needs to narrowly miss getting hit by a lorry to make it focus. [a]Baths[/a]’ 2010 debut album [b]‘Cerulean’[/b] was heralded for just that reason: it took the genre’s starcloud radiance and retro reveries and animated them with a faster, nervier bpm. This isn’t a follow-up, more a ragtag collection of bits and bobs, so you wouldn’t expect it to be a statement. It is worrying, though, that bar the crisp, sparkling [b]‘Pop Song’[/b], the creepily [a]Bjork[/a]-ish [b]‘Tatami’[/b] and the rippling, reptilian [b]‘Flux’[/b], there’s more (ick) ambience than energy. The last thing [a]Baths[/a] need to be doing is getting more lukewarm. Less chill, more waves please.

Duncan Gillespie