An impressive release from Geoff Barrow's krautrock outlet

Creativity prospers in hard times. Take Portishead’s Geoff Barrow. Since that act released their best album just before the 2008 economic crisis, he’s transformed. Gone are the quiet mystique and long absences: he now rages on Twitter, mainly against Mark Ronson, and helms three additional bands. BEAK> is his krautrock outlet, but the trio’s Neu!-like pulsations are boosted by droning synths (‘The Gaul’), crunchy guitar (‘Wulfstan II’), suffocating bass (‘Kidney’) and disquietingly distant vocals (‘Deserters’). Menacing and paranoid, this second album makes satisfying sense in 2012, and even leaves you grateful to live in a chaotic world. Unless you’re Mark “Wrongson”.

[i]Niall O’Keeffe[/i]


Director: Geoff Barrow
Record label: Invada
Release date: 02 Jul, 2012