Album Review: Bearsuit – The Phantom Forest (Fortuna Pop!)

Album Review: Bearsuit - The Phantom Forest (Fortuna Pop!)


Sprinkling their twee-pop with an injection of electro sounds

There’ve been more than a few cardigans returned to the charity shops whence they came since [a]Bearsuit[/a] – among the original purveyors of British twee-pop’s abrasive progression from [a]Belle And Sebastian[/a] – released 2004 debut LP [b]‘Cat Spectacular!’[/b].

This fourth album and a line-up rejig finds them still in yelpingly good form, rigid electronics marginalising their previously abounding violins and flutes. Fatigue lies behind the jutting urgency, though; only [b]‘Giant Archaeopteryx’[/b] really sounds up for the fight, and tracks like [b]‘A Train Wreck’[/b] occasionally wander away from it completely.

Simon Jay Catling


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