Oh: Io

Two years on from his passing, a world without John Peel continues to blow. Take Norwich’s DIY heroes Bearsuit. Sure, the Festive 50 veterans’ jarring art-pop tempo changes and screamo-indebted vocals are unlikely to appeal to the mass populace (yet since Razorlight do, that’s not something that should be held against them). But like all their cutie pop offerings, their third album (and follow-up to 2005’s brilliant ‘Team Ping Pong’) is the kind of difficult, yet fun, fresh and exciting listen that deserves to be enjoyed by more than the four bowl-cut fanzine writers that already do. You just know that, post-Peel, people are missing out. Case in question: we could listen to best song ‘Dino Heart’ until our ears fall off, and probably will. We know we’re not alone. Until someone comes to replace Peel’s mumblings on the airwaves, shout their wonder from the roof tops, then.

James McMahon