Album Review: Beep! – City Of The Future (Third Culture)

Album Review: Beep! - City Of The Future (Third Culture)


A good listen, if somewhat over-familliar

Some of ‘[b]City Of The Future[/b]’ sounds like it takes place in a Sims shopping mall, some of it like a class of infants trying to cover [a]Four Tet[/a]’s ‘[b]Rounds[/b]’. Few words can inspire dread and confusion in listeners as much as ‘free avant-jazz’, but there’s been enough music out lately that has touched on experimental sounds – from [a]Dirty Projectors[/a] to [b]Micachu And The Shapes[/b] – to make this album sound vaguely familiar. That keyboardist Michael Coleman has roots in San Francisco’s Bay Area jazz scene gives him a different angle on avant-pop to his indie compatriots, but the same hypnotic, repetitive absurdities reside here. Worth a good listen, if you can get past the free-jazz thing.

[b]Hazel Sheffield[/b]