Best Coast – ‘The Only Place’

Best Coast - 'The Only Place'


Dull and uninspired stuff from LA pop-slackers...

“I want babies to be created to this music,” declared Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino of ‘The Only Place’. So whisper a silent prayer for The Lost Generation who’ll soon swamp the Earth: Children Of The Corn fatted up on sexless lo-fi mush. The swoonsome charm of Best Coast’s debut, ‘Crazy For You’, was in its feel-good slacker vibes rather than its invention, but here they’re going through the motions, missionary style, with mechanical jangly pop and the wince-inducing triteness of Cosentino’s lyrics. “[i]We got the ocean/Got the babes/Got the sun, we got the waves[/i]”, she trills on the title track. Arm the youths with Durex – if they start fornicating to this we’re doomed.

[i]Ben Hewitt[/i]


Director: Jon Brion
Record label: Wichita
Release date: 28 May, 2012