Big KRIT – ‘Live From The Underground’

Big KRIT - 'Live From The Underground'


A hip-hop album released 18 years too late

Though Big KRIT’s name proclaims an earnest desire for immortality, ‘Live From The Underground’ is a disappointing, forgettable album. A gravelly voiced insight into the everyday trials and tribulations of the man otherwise known as Justin Scott, it nevertheless sounds like a very old hip-hop album, one inspired 18 years too late by G-funk, hos and money. It breaks very little new ground – which does have the upside of the songs sounding catchy because you feel like you’ve heard it all before – though Melanie Fiona’s vocals on ‘If I Fall’ and Ludacris’ offerings on ‘What U Mean’ do at least inject a badly needed freshness.

[i]Kieran Yates[/i]


Director: Big KRIT
Record label: Def Jam
Release date: 04 Jun, 2012