Album Review: Bike For Three! – ‘More Heart Than Brains’

Album Review: Bike For Three! - 'More Heart Than Brains'


Inventive veterans pair up to delicious effect

Anticon, the American home of post-rap and digital hip-hopsychedelia, has broken a recent fallow period with this excellent electro-rap collaboration. Bike For Three! features vocals from Richard Terfry, aka Buck 65, and music from Belgian/Vietnamese electronica artist Joëlle Phuong Minh Lê, aka Greetings From Tuskan. Over the last 15 years Terfry has been intensely prolific but never come close to commercial success, despite being touted as the ‘Canadian Beck’. He and Joelle have never met and probably never will, but pass MP3s back and forth forming tracks reminiscent of Def Jux, Jamie Principle, Junior Boys and Tom Waits. Often, fantastically, all at the same time.

John Doran

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