Album Review: Birdy – ‘Birdy’

Album Review: Birdy - 'Birdy'


A album of wet-indie covers

Jasmine Van den Bogaerde, you might think, doesn’t get it. The New Forest 15-year-old’s take on [a]Bon Iver[/a]’s ‘[b]Skinny Love[/b]’ may offend because it does not plumb the depths of Real Indie Music, but she’s actually damn smart. By putting out a tasteful set of sorrow-wallowing wet-indie covers produced by [b]James Ford[/b] just before Christmas, she’s building a profile that’ll allow her considerably more control over album number two. The sole original, ‘[b]Without A Word[/b]’, is pretty overegged, but hey, the world is overegged when you’re 15. As to the rest, the likes of [a]Phoenix[/a]’s ‘[b]1901[/b]’ were hardly things of life-changing gravitas to begin with. Get over it and give the kid a chance.

[i]Duncan Gillespie[/i]


Director: Rich Costey, Jim Abbiss, James Ford
Record label: Atlantic
Release date: 07 Nov, 2011