Album review: Bitter:Sweet

Album review: Bitter:Sweet



Facts about this album:

* Bitter: Sweet are Kiran Shahani and Shana Halligan.

* ‘Drama’ is their second album, follow-up to the mating game.

Album review:

I feel dirty. By far the worst thing about this awful, awful album is the moment where you read the press release and discover that some chump at the Los Angeles Times once compared this duo to Portishead. They bloody wish. A limp, affected, idea-free slop of Morcheeba, Lamb, Red Snapper and every dire, second-wave trip-hop band destined to soundtrack sofa sale adverts you could care to name would be closer to the mark. Shana Halligan purrs disingenuously “I’m not like all the rest” on ‘Get What I Want’, over Gotan Project-esque ‘saucy’ tango, while ‘The Bomb’ even attempts jazz’n’bass. Jazz’n’bass?! What is this, 1997? Bitter:Sweet, the power of Christ compels thee – begone.

Emily Mackay

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