Black Dice


Load Blown

Black Dice’s occasional paddles in DFA waters may lead you to expect thumping LCD-style dance-rock. But ‘Load Blown’ is actually the ambient noise-splurge howl of a robot baby’s brain malfunctioning. The New Yorkers’ main love is obviously art – they all went to art school, regularly perform in galleries and have even released a book of collages called Gore. And the three 12-inches collected here sound like what you’d expect at some sort of dystopian video installation piece, all mechanical crunching and ‘is-my-speaker-broken?’ chin-stroking. With names like ‘Bottom Feeder’ and ‘Cowboy Soundcheck’ these tracks should be brilliant, but when it should kick off, it stays in soundtrack mode. There are glimmers of loveliness in the industrial-calypsos of ‘Drool’ and ‘Bananas’, but that just makes the wilful awkwardness all the more frustrating.

Rebecca Nicolson