Album review: Black Gold – ‘Rush’ (Red Bull)

Album review: Black Gold - 'Rush' (Red Bull)


A case of too many cooks screams out from this mediocre effort

Clearly craving BIG RADIO HITS, Brooklyn dreamers [b]Black Gold[/b] are the kind of cannon fodder that keep [b]Panic! At The Disco[/b] in business. Shame for them, then, that much of [b]‘Rush’[/b] is instantly forgettable. The problem is that they simply know too much. Every vocal has been sculpted to the point of painful perfection, each drum pattern beaten out with soul-sucking surgical precision. If construction was king then [b]‘Rush’[/b] would get 10, for sure. True, there’s a plastic charm to [b]‘Canyon’[/b] and the Ryan Adams-aping [b]‘Shine’[/b], and there are undoubtedly fleeting moments of joy to be found (the rousing percussion-led chorus in [b]‘Idols’[/b] is a fine case in point), but ultimately, [b]‘Rush’[/b] is swimming – and sinking – in a sea of mediocrity.

[b]Matt Wilkinson [/b]