Album review: Black Moth Super Rainbow – ‘Eating Us’

Album review: Black Moth Super Rainbow - 'Eating Us'


Oddly monikered Pennsylvania hippy types

Some people, the former Robert Zimmerman once noted upon being asked how he became Bob Dylan, are born with the wrong name. This lot empathise; how else to explain the presence of a Power Pill Fist and The Seven Fields Of Aphelion among their number? For all their pseudonyms and slippery press releases, the Pennsylvania quartet are a talented bunch too. ‘Eating Us’ is their fourth full-length, and it’s a delight. Songs such as ‘Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise’ and ‘Tooth Decay’, with its beguiling melody and crunchy drums, are indicative of the purple patch US indie is going through. They could’ve lost a couple of those frivolous instrumental noodlings, though.

Barry Nicolson

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