Black Strobe


Burn Your Own Church

Parisian house goths Black Strobe have always held that dance music doesn’t have to be happy and fun; it can be as bitter and paranoid and scary as rock. This, of course, is a good thing. ‘Burn Your Own Church’ – which sees the duo evolve into a proper, four-piece band following the departure of founder member Ivan Smagghe – begins swimmingly, with the title track and teutonic single ‘Shining Bright Star’ sounding like what might happen if Trent Reznor had lost it to ecstasy rather than coke and megalomania. But, like all disappointing raves, things peak too soon and start to devolve into the extended comedown of tracks such as ‘I’m A Man’, which ape Depeche Mode and come off wanting. Listen to them arse-rape Bloc Party and The Rapture on their fantastic ‘A Remix Selection’ instead, it’s better for you.

Dan Martin