Little Amber Bottles

It’s an inescapable yet genuinely irrelevant fact that Blanche have risen from the ashes of the Detroit scene that spawned The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and one rather juicy black eye. Forget it though, wipe it from memory; this album has kicked to death any notion that it’s only good by association within the first 10 magnificent, banjo-filled seconds. Like Johnny Cash jamming with Holly Golightly, ‘Little Amber Bottles’ is the grizzled embodiment of everything that’s brilliant about sleazy, Deep South rock’n’roll. ‘What This Town Needs’ is a ferocious, snarling blues number that, if you listen to it walking down the street, will instantly transform you into Clint Eastwood. So if your town needs ridding of peg-legged villains, buy this album. Yee-haw!

Rebecca Robinson