Album review: Blank Dogs – ‘Under And Under’

Album review: Blank Dogs - 'Under And Under'


Spooky post-punk with secrets

Blank Dogs is the brainchild of one prolific, mysterious Brooklynite named Mike Sniper. That’s probably more info than he’d appreciate us giving out, seeing as he’s most often spotted with a tea-towel around his face, but ‘Under And Under’ is an album deserving of recognition.

A spooky mash-up of Sonic Youth, Public Image and Joy Division (among others), this is post-punk at its most eerie and disconcerting, but still – as ‘Setting Fire To Your House’ proves – defiantly danceable. From the robotic churn of ‘Blue Lights’ to the wiry rock’n’roll of ‘Tin Birds’, there’s little cohesion – perhaps understandably, given Sniper’s penchant for releasing new material every couple of days – but that simply makes it feel of a lovingly-crafted mixtape.

Barry Nicolson

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