Bleeding Knees Club – ‘Nothing To Do’

Bleeding Knees Club - 'Nothing To Do'


We are really struggling to hate this record

They look like they’ve been plucked from the casting couch of a Gus Van Sant movie, are so young they think it’s actually acceptable to cite Wavves as an influence, and they’re already signed to a major for their debut album. These are just a few of the many reasons to detest teenage Queensland duo Bleeding Knees Club.

And yet, vexingly, ‘Nothing To Do’ is a real struggle to hate. The fact is, they have an undeniable knack for turning out two-minute garage pop songs with such warm-hearted, wide-eyed brio that shooting them down seems as callous as steamrollering a basket full of kittens.

[i]Tom Edwards[/i]


Director: Dev Hynes
Record label: Columbia/IAMSOUND
Release date: 05 Mar, 2012