Bloc Party : Silent Alarm Remixed

Bloc Party : Silent Alarm Remixed


Proof that University Challenge contestants can dance too

The remix album used to be the preserve of those far too familiar with tight-fitting pants and glitter balls or the last refuge of the contractually obliged. But in these days of drainpipe-wearing artonistas throwing questionable shapes on the dancefloor, the likes of Bloc Party get to release a remix album and no-one even bats a heavily-mascara’d eyelid.

It all makes sense, of course, when you consider that they were one of the first bands to make the Paul Epworth indie-dance connection. He appears here in his ‘Phones’ guise, on an overfamiliar but deliciously skeletal version of ‘Banquet’. With remix turns from Ladytron, Erol Alkan, Nick Zinner and Death From Above 1979, it’s like the cool kids from school being let loose on the new equipment in the music room: the results are pretty much all quality, with some even usurping the originals (see M83’s swoony version of ‘The Pioneers’). Hopefully it’s a taste of things to come.

Priya Elan