Blood Red Shoes – ‘In Time To Voices’

Blood Red Shoes - 'In Time To Voices'


Trailblazing angst and nut-cracking jams

As Dr Janosz Poha proved in [i]Ghostbusters II[/i], it’s sometimes easy to be captivated by volatile characters. But while he was proselytised by the great mind of Vigo The Carpathian, we’re spellbound by the fiery relationship of [a]Blood Red Shoes[/a]’ Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. Life on the road can often lead to intra-band tension and, with reports of onstage arguments, throwing in the towel couldn’t have been far from their mind. Thankfully for us, the Brighton duo turned their unruly behaviour into a third album stacked with songs of trailblazing angst (‘Je Me Perds’), sinister desperation (‘Cold’) and nut-cracking jams (‘Stop Kicking’). Instability rules, OK.

[i]Jamie Crossan[/i]


Director: Blood Red Shoes, Mike Crossey
Record label: V2/Cooperative
Release date: 26 Mar, 2012