Album Review: Speck Mountain – ‘Some Sweet Relief’

Album Review: Speck Mountain - 'Some Sweet Relief'


It might lack variety, but it doesn't lack beauty

Are you alright? You look stressed, as if the weight of the world after a spectacular pizza binge is on your shoulders. Here, sit down and allow the gentle ‘ambient soul’ (their description, not ours – there’s not much of a soul feel to be found here) of Speck Mountain’s second album wash over you. In fact, ‘Some Sweet Relief’ recalls some of Spiritualized’s gentler moments, coupled with the aching female vocals of proto-shoegazers Opal and some vaguely jazzy, shifting textures. It is a one-trick album and they spunk away their best song, the incantatory ‘Shame On The Soul’, right at the start, but the aforementioned trick is, at least, an affecting, and very occasionally gorgeous, one.

Pete Cashmore

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