Boards of Canada – ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’

Boards of Canada - 'Tomorrow’s Harvest'


The anti-Daft Punk?

They may both be camera-shy electronic music duos with long-awaited new albums, but ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ shows Boards Of Canada to be essentially the anti-Daft Punk. While the Parisian robot duo’s ‘Random Access Memories’ is full of sunshine, light and high-profile collaborations, ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ is a dark, often uncomfortable affair, more nuclear winter than summer anthem. Their first new album since ‘The Campfire Headphase’ in 2005, it harks brilliantly back to the dark, Satanic feel of 2002’s ‘Geogaddi’ – no-one does ominous like these guys – but retains the clarity of ‘…Headphase’. The granular murk of earlier albums is gone, allowing the band’s brilliant melodies and intricately textured sounds to sparkle darkly. Such precision also lends a filmic quality to the record: ‘White Cyclosa’’s combination of Apocalypse Now-esque helicopter samples and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind melodies tailor-made for tense moments on the big screen. Listen with the lights on.

Ben Cardew


Record label: Warp