Album Review: Bodies Of Water – ‘Twist Again’

Album Review: Bodies Of Water - 'Twist Again'


The perfect marriage?

The second musical offspring of LA husband and wife psych-poppers David and Meredith Metcalf is of the most refined of breeding. Inspired by the way Nelson Riddle arranged [a]Frank Sinatra[/a]’s records so no instrument was ever in the same range as Frank’s voice, it delves, saxophones and all, into ’60s freakery, free of trendy fuzz.

It’s beautifully crisp on the campy Walker Brothers romp of [b]‘Mary, Don’t You Weep’[/b]. [b]‘One Hand Loves The Other’[/b], meanwhile, dabbles in hymnal folk-rock embroidery. There’s all sorts of other excursions as well; the benefits of having a home studio to get lost in. Marriage sounds brilliant, doesn’t it?

Emily Mackay

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