Album Review: Bomb The Bass – ‘Back To The Light’ (!K7)

Album Review: Bomb The Bass - 'Back To The Light' (!K7)


Quantity proves no bar to quality for this Brit outfit

After over a decade in the wilderness, [b]Tim Simenon[/b] – the twisted brains behind [b]Bomb The Bass[/b] – returns with his second album in less than two years. Any doubts that this newfound prolificacy may have quelled his quality control are extinguished by shimmering opener [b]‘Boy Girl’[/b], which flickers in and out of focus like the most seductive of strobe lights. [b]Richard Davis[/b] meanwhile compensates for the absence of a ‘star vocalist’ with his sombre turn on [b]‘Price On Your Head’[/b], intoning [i]“Keep on going/There’s a price on your head”[/i] as if being slowly drained of his serotonin. It may not possess the mind-blowing innovation of 1995’s [b]‘Clear’[/b], but when something is as darkly gorgeous as this, it’s hard to quibble.

[b]Ben Hewitt[/b]

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