Album Review: Boris – ‘Attention Please’

Album Review: Boris - 'Attention Please'


They've got our attention, loud and clear

Nuclear-powered Japanese rock trio [a]Boris[/a] relish in causing confusion. They’re releasing two albums this week and one of them, [b]‘Heavy Rocks’[/b], has the same name and artwork as another album they released in 2002. The other, [b]‘Attention Please’[/b], is the first to feature just guitarist Wata on vocals.

Her breathlessly beautiful singing style calls to mind classic Stereolab on the title track and one of [a]My Bloody Valentine[/a]’s more sublime moments on [b]‘Hope’[/b]. Boris are too damn good for mere pastiche, and though tracks like [b]‘Tokyo Wonder Land’[/b] may remind the listener vaguely of [a]The xx[/a], [a]Sonic Youth[/a] and PiL, really they’re in a class of their own.

John Doran

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